Here at CTEC Solutions we pride ourselves on the three pillars of support success:

1) Engagement, 2) Alignment and 3) Improvement. 

We have an extremely flexible attitude when it comes to engagement, we are here to serve you, our customers, so provide a dynamic and high quality service, to meet your needs.

Our dedicated resourcing is there to provide expert level guidance wherever it is needed. This can be in the form of dedicated Operations, Engineering, Design & Architecture and PMO. Whatever your requirement CTEC Solutions has the capability to deliver with success in mind.

Through engagement we look to align with you, your people, processes, procedures or a combination. With early alignment we ensure success through adherence to standards and governance from within your organisation and also align to industry best practice so that we can provide assured solutions with the required levels of longevity and robustness.

CTEC Solutions provides the best of breed in technology consultancy, design and support. However, we do recognise that there is not a one size fits all for our clients. Having stated that we can align to existing processes, procedures and governance there are often requirements to assess, plan and design new ones that conform to legislative and industry changes. We can take as much or as little ownership as you deem necessary.

Every day there are new technologies, complexities and ways of evolving innovation. Let CTEC assist your business today!

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Ad-Hoc Support

Here at CTEC Solutions we realise that many businesses require a flexible plan for their ongoing support needs. This is why we work with you to understand your requirements and partner for the the things you need, rather than the things you don’t. With that in mind we have a number of package options for support on an ad-hoc basis. Please contact our team for more detail.

Contract Support

CTEC Solutions can provide support either on a short term or long term basis. Length of term for contracts is usually set for 6 months or more but these can be tailored to suit your needs. We have had many clients starting off with such a duration but when work is underway quickly realise that more is required. Therefore, we always set options for renewal and there is always flexibility.

Project Support

CTEC Solutions recognise that businesses come in many different shapes and sizes. With that the scale of requirements surrounding Project Scope and innovation should be well understood. We can Provide you with expertise in Engineering, Design, Architecture & Planning to help create your next business advantage. Here at CTEC we use best practice methodology from Discovery & Assessment, right the way through to Delivery, Optimisation and R2O.

Support For Your Business

How CTEC Solutions can help support your IT infrastructure