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The Network is the foundation of any communications architecture. It’s like building a House with robust foundations, when you build on top everything holds true and firm and you have no issues. However, many times foundations are not good, so the elements that are built on top start to fall apart. In practice we see under investment & poorly built Networks, which means the end-to-end architecture starts to fall apart. The Network is CTEC Solutions core expertise, so let us show you what we can do to innovate your organisation and to ensure your architecture has strong foundations that last Into the future.

Solving business problems with the introduction of Cloud methodologies is now at the forefront of most business decisions. Cloud delivery models such as Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud are very often a feature of modern IT architecture and design roadmaps. The associated service delivery models for these off/on-prem elements, where users can select a service from a given catalog and self provision via a portal is also of equal importance. There is now less reliance on the IT teams to allocate and provision, so they can spend less time on KTLO and more time innovating. CTEC Solutions can help you to move forward with these new workflows and to deliver IAAS, PAAS or SAAS. 

The world of today is fraught with IT risk, especially with the daily fight against the global and intra-country Cyber threats that exist. From Identity theft, to Data loss and black mail techniques there is certainly a myriad of targets criminals want to exploit. Fortunately, as many ways that there are to exploit organisations there are also ways you can look to firm up and make things harder and more complex for such perpetrators to take advantage. It is clear the impact of risk upon organisations needs to be managed and the methods used to defend your organisation chosen carefully. Let CTEC Solutions provide you with consultancy with the risk mitigation. 

The IT landscape of today is one of high complexity with a mix of heterogenous platforms across different geographic regions. High complexity can mean high cost, whether in terms of monetary or risk exposure. So enterprises of today are on the lookout for new ways of being able to manage and make operations more efficient. To enable new and exciting architectures there needs to be adequate best practice design methodology. The provision of advanced survey is one such for Enterprise Infrastructure, encompassing high quality discovery and assessment aspects. CTEC Solutions provide options for Wired only, Wireless or dual infrastructure components.

The combination of Network, Compute & Storage has been evolving at a considerable pace over the last decade . These elements have continued to be at the forefront of most enterprise roadmaps and now advancements have reached new heights with both Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure options. CTEC Solutions can help to guide you and make any Hypervisor coexistence or integration a success.

Programmability & automation are now at the core of many modern business IT architectures. While complexity & scale continue to grow companies must keep up with changing times & shift towards application centricity. The removal of error prone manual tasks are being pushed to the top of operations agendas in order to bring stability and efficiency to their businesses. Through automation & programmability via DevOps, CI/CD and Cloud Initiatives, CTEC Solutions can help refine your strategy and help you succeed in the modern age.

Visibility of workloads is key to the success of any business IT strategy. From both brown-field and green-field project initiatives to BAU, the management and monitoring of such is key to stability & innovation. In order to optimise or migrate applications, you must first understand the in depth nature at which the endpoints and workloads interact. CTEC Solutions can provide you with first class consultancy expertise in a number of these areas. Let us help to enable your business success.

There are many areas of Support CTEC Solutions can help you with. From governance, procecesses, procedures and standardisation to Infrastructure comprising of Wired & Wireless - Cabling, Network, Compute, Storage & Security. Have a request and want to create your business advantage, get in touch and see what we can do to help.

Client Testimonials

Greg Collins from Ctec Solutions was instrumental in helping us with the required Engineering and Architecture for our on-premise Tetration deployment. As lead SME aligned to the Security Enhancements program he was able to provide assurance and delivery on best practice for both the Analytics and Segmentation aspects. He successfully transitioned a number of Corporate and Business Applications; Non-Production, Production and both on-premise, off-premise (IAAS)  into Tetration with successful ADM, traffic analysis and Segmentation. Highly recommended!


"Greg & CTEC Solutions were fantastic. Over budget and behind schedule we were in trouble, however they were able to turn things around for us. Excellent project management, knowledge of SDN/Cloud and with quality delivery. Very pleased and would have no problems recommending them. Once we have budget I’m hoping they can come back".


"CTEC Solutions have an excellent approach to business, with great ethics - transparent and trustworthy. Their technical knowledge is both deep and broad so helped educate us no end. Really can’t rate Greg Collins highly enough as he goes that extra mile to ensure that things are executed well, with minimal risk to the business, exactly what we needed".


"Greg, thanks for always pushing to find solutions, as they were not easy to find or deliver. We wish you all the best in your endeavours".


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