CTEC Solutions is here to partner with your business to enhance your IT and Network capabilities.  

Helping you achieve the Holy Grail of “Saving Money” while “Making Money” & maximising your returns.  

By streamlining processes so your in-house IT teams have more time to innovate, not just "keep the lights on".  

We will demonstrate to you how IT can be a business enabler as opposed to the doom and gloom cost centre of traditional practices. 

At CTEC Solutions we aim to please and  wish to provide you not only a successful outcome but an assured solution to your business needs. 

We specialise in expert level Network consultancy to enhance your business so get in touch today to see how we can help create your advantage. 

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  • Traditional LAN Access
  • Traditional WAN Access
  • SP WAN
  • Datacentre
  • Software Defined Datacenter
  • Software Defined WAN
  • Software Defined Access


  • Traditional 3 Tier
  • CLOS Spine-Leaf
  • Software Defined
  • Physical, Logical
  • Space & Power
  • Optimisation

L4-7 Services

  • Application Delivery Controllers
  • Distributed Denial Of Service 
  • Firewalls
  • Next Generation Firewalls 
  • Intrusion Detection Systems 
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems

IT Consultancy For Your Business

How we can help you with design and structure of IT systems.