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CTEC Solutions will partner with your business for success by leveraging best practice methodology under relevant process definitions. This allows for the positive completion of any necessary preparation to allow success for latter stages through design and planning, through to deployment, operations and optimisation.  

We realise that all businesses should be treated uniquely, with the differing set of requirements they have. In respect of Software Defined Networks (SDN), CTEC Solutions can provide the full suite of E2E process engagements, in which case you can have bespoke tailored solutions to drive your business innovation. 

We have expert knowledge and experience in both Green-Field and Brown-Field deployments, so you get in touch today to see how we can help! 

Software Defined Network

SDx is where most of the IT industry is currently focusing their efforts and ramping up knowledge in order to deploy effectively a wide range of complex applications. Today concentration is on the options delivered by SDN, such as SDDC, SDWAN, SDA etc.  

SDN is the new way to deploy Network Infrastructure that is focused on an optimised and efficient way to manage and control complexity. No longer will the infrastructure remain in silos, underlying implementation be achieved on a device-by-device basis, or the different connectivity methods cause high administrative burden. Now, SDN delivered by CTEC Solutions can provide options to ensure centralised management of distributed heterogenous architectures. The policy solutions will provide IT longevity and drive increases in efficiency, especially from the perspectives of operations, administration and maintenance. 

Although CTEC Solutions have formulated opinion of how things should be done using best practice methodology, we are vendor agnostic and view that there is no one-size fits all solution. Your company is unique and so is your IT architecture, so we believe that any solution provided needs to be mindful of any bespoke elements and provides you with best fit solution in line with your budget and requirements. 

The traditional and inefficient imperative models of software deployments are now taking a back seat in order for the the more effective declarative methods to take centre stage, and enable an efficient object driven centralised policy model to be utilised.  Whatever solution is eventually chosen and successfully deployed, one thing all the SDN methods have one thing in common, is that they put the application first, whether located on smart devices, public or private clouds. This application centricity and the advanced architecture that has linear scalability, and high performance multipathing on stateless hardware is the heart of SDN. 

CTEC Solutions has the technical horsepower to get your business aligned to the world of SDN, so let us help create your next innovation success. Get in touch today to see how we can help!


Next-generation Datacentre Network (NGDCN) architecture no longer views datacentre architecture as being as Cloud, and depending on where your services sit will be one of Public, Private, or a combination with that of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud. While there are a myriad of differing options to the marketplace this choice can often be quite daunting to our customers.  

Some Software Defined Datacentre (SDDC) considerations:  

• Vendor type and ZTP capability 
• Cloud delivery vs Service delivery model 
• East-west scale out capability 
• Ability to provide deterministic path E2E 
• Non-blocking oversubscription 
• Control vs Data plane capability 
• Virtualisation integration options 
• L4-7 Services requirements and insertion capability 
• Zero Trust Security 
• Unified Management plane 

With that in mind CTEC Solutions is here to help ease the burden and to help make that decision much easier. We provide expert consultancy to the highest standards possible for on-prem SDDC solutions such as ACI and NSX. 


Next Generation Enterprise Campus Network (NGECN) architecture has some similarities to the traditional WAN Networks such as MPLS, but there are certainly some key differences, which make it the obvious choice for anyone considering a Network transformation. NGECN is declarative in nature, whereby the old imperative device-by-device management and associated config is replaced by a policy driven capability via a centralised node.  SDWAN comes under this banner.

SDWAN is a type overlay architecture with operational simplicity at its core. It overcomes the complexities associated with multiple types of Routing protocols and the challenges surrounding associated distribution points. Being a unified overlay also enables SDWAN to connect over any transport, no matter whether MPLS, DIA, TDMA or LTE. 

Key advantages of SDWAN include:

• Management plane providing single pane of glass control, management and visibility 
• Separation of Data, Control and Management planes 
• Transport independence of existing control plane protocols and WAN access methods 
• Simplification for OAM to include automation, orchestration and cloud based-management 
• Optimised end user experience and efficiency for Public cloud applications 
• Security via policy and Network wide segmentation  
• Improved time to deployment using ZTP technology 
• Northbound Restful API 

CTEC Solutions have experience in both green-field and brown-field E2E deployments. Let us help drive a policy driven innovation that helps move your business forward! 


Software Defined Access (SDA) provides policy based Network segmentation, Automation and Assurance. It is a unique and beneficial component of the Next Generation Enterprise Campus Network (NGECN) and can be used to overcome the challenges related to operating complex networks and ensuring robust security along with a granular visibility of Endpoints.  

Key benefits of SDA include the following: 

• Simplified provisioning with best practice deployment 
• Scale-out consistency for policy with profiles/templates 
• Automation across Wired and Wireless workflows 
• Analytics and actionable insights utilising machine learning algorithms 
• Identity based Policy enforcement 
• Secure boundaries with segmentation  
• Integrated automation and assurance 
• Northbound Restful API 

Let CTEC Solutions assist you with the move to NGECN innovation and partner for success!