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Research, Discovery & Assessment
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Governance, Strategy, Project, Programme
Design & Architecture


Design & Architecture
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Automation & Improvement


CTEC Solutions will partner with your business for success by leveraging best practice methodology under relevant process definitions. This allows for the positive completion of any necessary preparation to allow success for latter stages through design and planning, through to deployment, operations and optimisation.  

We realise that your business may not require the full suite of end-to-end (E2E) process engagements, in which case we provide option for tailored solutions to suit your requirements, whether they be change, KTLO/BAU specifics or design and transformation centric.  

In respect of any Next Generation Wireless engagements we usually recommend that at least the discovery and assessment portions are completed so that both physical and logical elements of the Network and related interactions are captured. However, at CTEC Solutions we are cognisant of the need to be agile so can do as little or as much of the E2E as your business needs, in order to drive technology innovation. Like you, we want success so would only recommend a solution or service if your business truly needed it. So many times, we have witnessed large companies recommending work that quite simply was unnecessary. 

In respect of Wireless Networks, we have expert knowledge and experience in both Green-Field and Brown-Field deployments, so you get in touch today to see how we can help! 

Wireless Network

Wireless Networks have seen a surge in popularity over recent times. With advances in Wireless technology standards such as IEEE802.11ac there has never been a better time to move to a Next Generation Wireless implementation.  

CTEC Solutions can provide services on a number of Wireless deployment types and environments. We have worked in Offices, Warehouses, Datacenters, and Secure areas. Our deployments continue to reap tangible benefits for our customers. 

Benefits of a Next Generation Wireless Architecture: 

• Consistent and efficient access with improved user experience 
• Increased bandwidth capability to improve data throughput 
• Improved speed approaching that of traditional Wired access delivery 
• Flexible Radio assignment for 2.4GHz, 5GHz and Dual 
• More efficient use of Wireless spectrum with increased robustness to interference 
• Self healing and auto-remediating spectral management 
• Simplified on-boarding 
• IoT Ready  
• Increased Security using intelligent segmentation 
• Location based services 

CTEC Solutions can be on hand to help guide you through the challenges of Wireless design and can provide consultancy and E2E deployment to expertise the very highest standards. Get in touch to make your Next-Generation Wireless Network a reality!