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Research, Discovery & Assessment
Planning, Governance, Strategy, Project, Programme


Governance, Strategy, Project, Programme
Design & Architecture


Design & Architecture
Implementation, Integration & Coexistence


Deployment, Integration & Coexistence
Operate, Management, Monitoring


Management & Monitoring
Optimisation, Automation, Improvement


Automation & Improvement


CTEC Solutions will partner with your business for success by leveraging best practice methodology under relevant process definitions. This allows for the positive completion of any necessary preparation to allow success for latter stages through design and planning, through to deployment, operations and optimisation.  

We realise that all businesses should be treated uniquely, with the differing set of requirements they have. In respect of Hybrid Cloud, CTEC Solutions can provide the full suite of E2E process engagements, in which case you can have bespoke tailored solutions to drive your business innovation. We have expert knowledge and experience in both Green-Field and Brown-Field deployments of Next Generation Datacentre Networks (NGDCN) to include both on-prem Private and off-prem Public Cloud solutions. Get in touch today to see how we can help! 

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is the NGDCN solution that takes the best of both worlds from on and off-prem Cloud solutions. Organisations don’t have to choose between one or the other so those established enterprises that already have a Private Cloud solution can now look to migrate specific workloads to the public cloud. It may also be that the enterprise has presence within the Public Cloud and now wants to develop their Private Cloud presence. Whatever the situation, there is now the ability to have both. 

With the flexibility of Hybrid comes some inherent challenges such as with the management of workloads between the on and off-prem Clouds. 

CTEC Solutions has experience in full end-to-end best practice design, so can help your organisation move forward with a Hybrid Cloud design!