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CTEC Solutions will partner with your business for success by leveraging best practice methodology under relevant process definitions. This allows for the positive completion of any necessary preparation to allow success for latter stages through design and planning, through to deployment, operations and optimisation.  

We realise that all businesses should be treated uniquely, with the differing set of requirements they have. In respect of Private Cloud, CTEC Solutions can provide the full suite of E2E process engagements, in which case you can have bespoke tailored solutions to drive your business innovation. We have expert knowledge and experience in both Green-Field and Brown-Field deployments of Next Generation Datacentre Networks (NGDCN), so you get in touch today to see how we can help! 

Private Cloud

Private Cloud has become the true replacement for the legacy Datacentre Network (DCN). Over time we have seen a move away from traditional 3-tier hierarchal models of DCN, comprising of Core, Aggregation and Access, where the challenges of Spanning-Tree were often still a concern, to flatter Fabric driven Networks that provide greater protection and more Virtualisation integration capability. 

Nowadays, NGDCN requires much higher levels of horizontal scalability.  With the introduction of Clos Leaf-Spine based topologies, we now have the ability to perform near limitless scale-out with non-blocking oversubscription. 2-tier Clos topologies form the foundation on which Private Cloud is built upon.  

As a form of SDN you will appreciate that the existence of the Network is more about support of the policy, which puts the applications at the heart of everything. The most successful vendors in the business know that even though provision of high speed infrastructure is important that application centricity is the key.             

Again, like that of off-prem Service Provider based solutions, on-prem Private Cloud has Automation and Orchestration at its heart. Long gone are the days of distributed device-by-device operations, administration and maintenance functions. These are now replaced by declarative centralised policy control through management nodes. Orchestration is also provided to enhance Enterprise efficiency and self-service models of infrastructure implementation are adopted. 

Private Cloud solutions still see the value in support for heterogenous systems, vendor neutrality and the ability to support all workloads, no matter whether Compute, Network or Storage and on physical Bare Metal, Virtualised Hypervisor based, or external and services oriented devices. CTEC Solutions has successfully worked on a number of VMM Domain integrations and L4-7 Services insertions. 

Security is also at the foundation of Private Cloud deployments, where the holy grail Zero Trust can be enabled right from the start. The ability to provide segmentation and micro-segmentation with attribute based elements for varying workloads is key to the securitisation of all applications. This is true of both VM and containerised environments.

On premise motivations are usually comprised of those of Security, compliance, management and application requirements. These motivations along with the need for organisations to be on Colocated or Carrier Neutral Facilities are likely still the same but the new question remains of what applications should stay in the Private Cloud and are there any to be migrated to Public Cloud to get the best ROI and application performance. 

CTEC Solutions are experts in Private Cloud deployment, we have architected a number of lasting solutions for big name companies. So get in touch today to see how we can help!