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Research, Discovery & Assessment
Planning, Governance, Strategy, Project, Programme


Governance, Strategy, Project, Programme
Design & Architecture


Design & Architecture
Implementation, Integration & Coexistence


Deployment, Integration & Coexistence
Operate, Management, Monitoring


Management & Monitoring
Optimisation, Automation, Improvement


Automation & Improvement


CTEC Solutions will partner with your business for success by leveraging best practice methodology under relevant process definitions. This allows for the positive completion of any necessary preparation to allow success for latter stages through design and planning, through to deployment, operations and optimisation.  

We realise that all businesses should be treated uniquely, with the differing set of requirements they have. In respect of Public Cloud deployments and migrations, CTEC Solutions can provide the full suite of E2E process engagements, in which case you can have bespoke tailored solutions to drive your business innovation. We have expert knowledge and experience in both Green-Field and Brown-Field deployments, so you get in touch today to see how we can help! 

Public Cloud

Public Cloud provides a rich set of services, some Infrastructure driven, some Platform driven and some Application driven. It also provides varying but related levels of abstraction, so complexity of administering some the afore mentioned is removed from the user.  

CI and HCI have become key enablers of Cloud deployments; both Private and Public, because of their ability to provide consistent policy, automation of resource provisioning, high degrees of scalability and resiliency. This includes the As-A-Service offerings such as IAAS, PAAS and SAAS.  

Public Cloud as a form of SDN is declarative in nature so operation is driven by functional policy rather than procedural configuration, again application centricity is key to it’s popularity. Like that of Private and Hybrid Cloud options, it is driven by deep levels of Automation and Orchestration.  

Companies synonymous with Public Cloud provision and at the core of most Public Cloud conversations are AWS, Azure and GCP. They enable granular choices of the Cloud delivery and Service delivery options so organisations can get the most from investment. With that there are compelling financial reasons to move to the cloud, such as pay-as-you-grow pricing along with the myriad of different services offered. 

Even though the Public Cloud addresses some of the complexities associated with traditional on-premise DCN there are still a number of important considerations before you can look at successfully migrate workloads and services.  

Let CTEC Solutions guide your business into the world of off-premise Public Cloud. Get in touch today to see how we can help!